Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast

The Pacific ocean and coast sustains our economies and communities. That’s why California, Oregon, and Washington are investing in clean energy technologies that can power our homes and businesses without risking our fishing, tourism, and outdoor industries. The Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast is opposed to new or expanded offshore oil drilling. Join Us Today.

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Over 150 million visitors come to California annually to fish, hike, kayak, surf, wine and dine, and enjoy our beaches.

Polling shows strong opposition to opening the coast to new drilling:

69% of Californians oppose new drilling.

70% of SD and Orange County residents oppose offshore drilling.

64% of inland Californians residents oppose offshore drilling.

95% agree that the condition of the ocean is important to their quality of life.

California has the largest ocean tourism and recreation sector in the country, providing almost 500,000 jobs and contributing almost $20 billion annually to California’s GDP.

Commercial fishing and seafood processing contribute more than $350,000,000 annually to California’s GDP.

Washington has the largest commercial fishing and seafood processing sector in the country, worth $1.5 billion.