The Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast (BAPPC) is the leading business voice opposing new and expanded oil and gas development off the Pacific Coast because of the unacceptable and unnecessary risk it poses to our businesses and the lifestyles of our customers and employees. BAPPC aims to ensure the long-term health and vitality of our ocean ecosystems, coastal businesses, communities, and clean energy future.

Today, a unified and mobilized business voice for protecting the Pacific Coast is more important than ever as the Department of Interior moves forward with a plan to open our coastline to new offshore oil and gas leasing. These lease sales put up for auction the right to drill offshore on the outer continental shelf, increasing the likelihood of devastating oil spills that can shut down fisheries, close beachside businesses, and deter visiting tourists. These would be the first lease sales in federal waters off the California coast since 1984, and off the Washington/Oregon coast since 1964.

BAPPC is looking for businesses that can support policies, resolutions, grassroots efforts, and more to prevent new offshore drilling and educate our elected leaders on the economic value of a clean and healthy ocean. We need to guard against immediate threats at the local, state and national levels, but this effort is much broader than any one policy or directive.

The threat is real. Join us today.