Business Leaders: Delay of Offshore Drilling Plan Must Be Permanent To Help Coastal Economies

Business Leaders: Delay of Offshore Drilling Plan Must Be Permanent To Help Coastal Economies


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SANTA MONICA (APRIL 25, 2019) – Trump Interior Secretary David Bernhardt told the Wall Street Journal the administration’s plan for expanding federal offshore oil and gas leasing is indefinitely on hold, citing the result of a recent federal judge ruling that blocks similar drilling in the Arctic. A significant portion of California’s coastline was expected to be opened to new oil and gas leases for drilling by the plan.

The following is a statement Vipe Desai, a founding member of Business Alliance for Protecting The Pacific Coast (BAPPC) and CEO of sports drink company HDX Mix, which is based in Huntington Beach:

“This delay needs to be permanent. Businesses in California understand our coastline is an economic engine that must not be threatened by offshore drilling. The administration should now focus on ways it can actually help coastal economics by expanding clean energy development.”

According to BAPPC, California’s ocean economy:

  • Generates $43.5 billion in economic benefits from tourism, recreation, construction, fishing and other industries
  • Employs more than 555,000 Californians
  • Includes or supports nearly 1.2 million businesses (ocean and non-ocean related) in coastal California counties.

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Other key facts about offshore drilling spills:


The Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast is the leading business voice opposing new and expanded oil and gas development off the Pacific Coast.  BAPPC is concerned about  the unacceptable and unnecessary risk expanded offshore drilling poses to our businesses and the lifestyles of our customers and employees. For a list of our members, please see here.